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The story behind "Mother Earth"

Updated: Jul 9, 2020

This video, which I created alongside Rosa Ruda, Elina Cortés, Cristian Giráldez and Rafa Cabello, is technically an artistic videoclip in which we expose the problems that our planet is suffering due to humans. To do this we decided to use music and metaphors. The song we chose was Earth by the artist Sleeping at Last sung by the talented Saoirse McConnell and the metaphors would portray humans as the contaminating and destructive forces harming Earth.

A consciuos decision we made was to only include woman. On one side three different woman to embody the harming forces: Rosa Ruda, Elina Cortés and Lucia Harrison. On the other side, two woman to take on the pleading voice of our planet, Saoirse McConnell (singer) and Alba Harden (dancer).

In our influences is the videoclip of The Seed by Aurora, a song in which this singer talks about the same problems that we expose, in a very similar fashion.

For the filming sessions, we filmed in 25 fps, 16:9 and full HD. We used three cameras:

- Sony a7 II - Fujifilm XT3 - Canon 77D

To obtain the results we got, we filmed in a variety of locations:

1. Countryside in the south of Spain. Here we filmed the shots of the horses, the watering can with the dirty water coming out of it and the bombfire.

2. Botanic Garden "Histórico de la Concepción" (Málaga). Where we took all the shots of Rosa Ruda as fire. We wanted a place that simbolized forests and jungles.

3. Photography studio. We used this space for the shots of the dancer, taking advantage of the control we had over the light to obtain different results. Also, we filmed the clips of Elina Cortés as contaminating gases.

4. Beach in Pedregalejo (Málaga). Here, in the evening light, we filmed all the clips of Lucia Harrison as plastic in the oceans.

5. The Pyrenees (Andorra). In this location we filmed the secuence shot of our singer, Saoirse.

The final montage of the film looked something like this:

The reason behind creating this video is as simple as wanting to catch people attention. Make them think. Make them stop and wonder how they can change. We wanted to choose this topic, but we know that there's already a lot of content out there that talks about this problem. That was our challenge: how can we make it different? That's why we decided to incorporate someone singing whilst looking straight at the camera. That's why we decided to use metaphors instead of spelling it out to our audience.

We wanted to find a way to show in just a few minutes, how dirty we are as humans, how we destroy our home and how this affects other life on this plannet, such as animals.

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