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Backstage | Behind the Curtain - a performers point of view

Behind the Curtain is a special series for me because it hits close to home, I have lived my whole life on the performers side of the curtain.

I actually started this series for a university project where we were asked to step outside the box and show a different side to something. I didn't have to think about it twice. I new what I wanted to show. The backstage life. The artists point of view when they are performing, and everything that goes along with it.

For this project in particular I took the photographs of the amazing model Lucia Harrison. I booked the theatre and we spent an afternoon there.

See the whole series here

The real reason for wanting to create a photographic series of this nature was because there are never any photographs from the artists perspective. They are extremely rare. Most photos of performers are taken from the front of the stage, therefore they are normal frontal and slightly from below. This is understandable. They don't want to get in the way of the publics enjoyment of the performance. But it does glorify the artist. It gives them a certain secrecy. They appear misterious and talented.

We often get a look in to what the artists world looks like, whether it be their practise space, their changing rooms or even what they experience whilst performing.

We do get more of a chance to delve deeper into this world in the film side. But as for the still image area, we can only depend on paintings (generally), like those of Henri Toulouse-Lautrec (to the right), for a way to get closer to the ever misterious figure of the artist.

This deeply intrigued me. Try as I might to look for inspiration for my series, I couldn't find any notable work of the backstage life.

Once I gave in the univeristy project, I know this photographic series would be forever open, continuosly growing and getting new additions. It is a genre of photography that I really do love and enjoy. It's also very rewarding because the artists are so grateful to have such different photographs of other aspects or their career.

So, I then continued to take my camera to shows and sneaking backstage and the series went on growing.

See the whole series here

And hopefully I will continue to add pieces to this magical series.

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