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Estudio & Taller Lo-Coloco

Estudio & Taller Lo-Coloco is a female run interior design & professional organisation business.

At the heart of this innovative studio and workshop is the talented and inspiring designer, Toñi Gómez. Renowned for her focus on sustainability, Toñi philosophy is that every object possesses inherent beauty and versatility, advocating for designs that embrace multi-functionality.


Working with Toñi was a transformative experience that profoundly altered my perception of the objects around me. Through her visionary approach, I learned to appreciate the hidden potential in everyday items, seeing them in a completely new and refreshing light.

Her passion for sustainable design not only enhances the aesthetic appeal of spaces but also promotes a mindful, environmentally conscious lifestyle.

A photography session, a brand re-focus and a one page website is what this studio & workshop needed to get established & reach more clients.


brand essentials & photography


interior design

Estudio & Taller Lo-Coloco colours (2).png
colour palette


clear day


Lo-coloco logo simple.png
logo & variations
Lo-coloco logo (2).png
Estudio & Taller Lo-Coloco website.jpg
one page website
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