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Paqui Gómez

coaching, psicología & arteterapia

By creating a safe place, Paqui allows people to discover and explore their feelings and situations. Paqui is the strong & passionate woman behind this empowering business. At the centre of Paqui's branding is the concept of "attraversiamo". The meaning of "attraversiamo" is "let's cross", & it represents: fluidity, adaptation, discovery, variety.

A complete brand build, a photography session, and a custom website is what took this business from an idea to a reality.



custom brand & website design

colour palette
Paqui Gomez colours.png



island green


Logo Paqui.png

Alba Harden is a leader who knows how to do her job, fulfilling her mission to help people who do not know how to make their work visible or communicate it.

For me it has meant order, inspiration, determination, understanding, patience, and above all, something that stands out a lot, is her ability to receive any idea as if it were something incredible, and then transform it and integrate it, in a subtle and beautiful way, and so respectful, that makes you continue to feel like the author. Thank you so much Alba!

- Paqui Gómez

custom website
Paqui Gomez website.jpg
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