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who we are

alba harden is a boutique branding studio working with passionate people to create unforgettable brands


Created in 2020, the studio was more of a wish than a reality. I was fresh out of my Branding Masters degree and in the middle of a pandemic. I knew what I wanted and what I could do, I just needed the guts to do it, and somehow, I found them.

Four years down the road and I have never been more sure that I am doing exactly what I was always meant to do. Alba Harden Branding Studio was created to support people thrive in their businesses. Today, the studio is no longer just me, slowly we're growing into a small team of like-minded people with the same goals and passions.

We’re all about helping our clients bring their visions to life. We dive deep into understanding your unique story and aspirations, ensuring that your brand identity is authentic, true to you and compelling. We blend creativity with strategic thinking to create branding solutions that not only look great but also connect meaningfully with your audience. Whether it's refining your visual identity, crafting engaging digital experiences, or providing ongoing support as your business evolves, we’re here to make sure every part of your brand tells your story beautifully and consistently. Our goal is to help you stand out, build strong relationships with your customers, and succeed in your business journey.

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meet alba

founder & owner

Hi I'm Alba, British by blood and Spanish by birth.


What drives me is making your vision and ideas become a reality. In Spanish there is a saying “cada persona es un mundo”. This translates to “every person is a world”. This is exactly how I feel.

Each person, each brand, each project is unique and is its own. I’m here to translate who you are and what you want into a visual representation that you can share with the world.


At the end of the day it’s not about what or even how, it’s about why. So, why? Because there is nothing else that would get me out of bed in the mornings other than create.


I look forward to creating with you.

kindly, alba x


a selection of our work

we have been lucky enough to work with a variety of different clients and brands, each incredibly unique

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